June 21, 2017

Overwatch Comics Commission promo

Hi, everybody... it's summertime!

Here's a little preview of a comics commission I'm working on!

Widowmaker, Mercy and Tracer having a sweeeet vacation.

What will happen in the next pages? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


June 19, 2017

Beyond Good and Evil 2 - Shani

Did you saw the new trailer of Beyond Good and Evil 2?

Yup, I'm in love with Shani, the curly smuggler/terrorist!

I'm pretty sure she has some tattoos, but I can't find a good reference. 

Anyone can help? 'Till then...


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June 18, 2017

Tanya Adams AKA Glory Apple

From Antcow, the guy behind Nukem Girls series and AU Tanya Adams (from Command and Conquer series) here comes the latest addition to Tanya Adams Corp... Glory Apple!

Now some information about her from Antcow itself.

"I'm partial to MILF's and I knew I had to include one in the Tanya adams corp and here she is, Glory apple is a mother of four....who are also agents. Of whom are represented by her four dual barrel pistols. The big one is the family gun. Speaking of all those guns cost extra, gotta keep that in mind for later XD

Glory Apple
Real name: Too secret! (She answers to Eagle mom, Liberty MILF or Patriot booty.)
Faction: United American empire
Nationality: American
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: Guess.
Eye color: Hazel
Measurements: 50I-24-40
Weapon: Four pistols dual barrel pistols as primary, one grand revolver called 'The star spangled BOOM blaster.'

Profile: The beginnings of the Tanya Adams corp is shrouded in many layers of top secret code and in deliberately spread rumor. But what is known is that after the first agent was seen during the first great war, there has never been a shortage of these commando women who bore the name.

The woman who would go on to be known as Glory apple was a front like Tanya Adams corp trooper who stood out form the rest, she was significantly faster and stronger than the others and her gun slinging was second to none. On her insistence se was allowed to carry her family revolver, the gigantic Star spangled BOOM blaster, a massive gun who's origins she would never elaborate on. And for every daughter that was born she commissioned a custom dual barrel pistol, each dedicated to her daughters, who would follow in their mothers foot steps to become elites of the Tanya Adams corp themselves.

Glory apple is was instrumental in the defense of the pentagon repelling the failed invasion of the Soviet empire, she infiltrated behind Yuri collective lines in the south African front and destroyed the mind dominator thus curbing the mutant overlord his ambition to take the entire continent in one campaign. Leaving little time rest, the was immediately deployed to Japan to assist in putting down Nazi empire sympathizers and from there, flew to Australia to liberate Sydney form the Jihad legions. After so many back to back battles, the living legend that is Glory apple was afforded leave.

After recovering she was back to the never ending war, building her legend."


June 15, 2017

Patreon Character Poll - Tekken 7 - Katarina Alves VS Master Raven

Hi everybody,

as promise i opened the Patreon Character Poll to select which character will get a "Ganassa" treatment!

The characters are Katarina Alves and Master Raven from Tekken 7!

The poll is available just to the 5 $ Patrons, will open today and will close 28th June (two weeks of duration!).

The winner will be the character chosen for the second goal!

Thanks and go to my Patreon page for more information!


June 14, 2017

Zoe X Boomer commission

A commission of bdsm Zoey and a Boomer from L4D!


June 12, 2017

Overwatch Patreon wallpaper - Updated

Hi Everybody!

Edit: With the release of D.Va here comes the new wallpaper!

This is an Overwatch Wallpaper that "mimics" game characters roster and will be updated progressively as I'll draw the other OW characters. As you can see the next in line is Sombra!

Hope you appreciate,

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June 11, 2017

Tekken 7 Eliza

So, here comes Eliza, the preorder/DLC character from Tekken 7!

Originally was an unused character for the Tekken series, but get "resurrected" thanks to a poll tied to the release of Tekken Revolution.

Know as the "female vampire", Eliza was born over 1000 years ago. When she decided to take a nap, it turned out to be an hundred long years sleep. During her sleep, the Estate of Emilie De Rochefort was build over her resting location.

Do you like her? What is your favorite Tekken girls?

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June 9, 2017


Hi Everybody,
as you can see with the publishing of the "public" version of the D.va Patreon image I've just added a new goal to make you even more involved.

The new goal will be tied to all my 5$ Patrons, and it'll be a poll to let you vote between two characters. The winner will be the main star of a future piece, Ganassa's style!

The unchosen will partecipate again in a future poll, just to make everyone happy.

The Character Poll will be open for two weeks, then the winner will be declared!

Are you curious? Well, just a title: Tekken 7.

More communications asap and Enjoy!

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June 6, 2017

AVP Linn Kurosawa

Here comes a blast form the past!

She's the cyborg Linn Kurosawa from the awesome Capcom beat'em up Alien Vs Predators, one of the finest beat'em up ever made for the awesome CPS2 arcade system board.

The hentai follow up is an exclusive of Hentai United!


June 2, 2017

D.Va reward and Sombra!

Hi everybody!

D.Va's artwork it's online as a reward for 5$ Patrons, but don't worry!

On June 9th I'll publish a lower res version on all my online galleries!

A new goal it's also online with the next Overwatch girl: on July we'll have our Mexican cutie hacker Sombra!

Enjoy! And don't forget to support me on Patreon for more cool stuff : )

May 31, 2017

Wonder Woman

So, Wonder Woman movie is out everywhere, do you see it? Do you like it?

While answering that have this Diana!

Hentai explicit follow up picture is an exclusive of Hentai United.


May 26, 2017

Here comes a new challenger!

Hi everybody!

Here's this chibi D.va artwork to announce that Hana Song's piece entered his final stage of production and will be published in the first days of June at high resolution for my 5 $ Patrons and one week later at low res on my online galleries.
I still can't express how thankful I am for your amazing support!
This Patreon adventure it's just started and I'm still figurin'out how to manage all the exciting stuff you can do with this platform, so stay tuned for some upcoming news and features!


May 25, 2017

Bunny Lingerie Riven commission

After League of Legends Arcade Riven skin, here comes from the same commissione, LP4ever, Bunny Lingerie Riven!


May 22, 2017

She-Hulk fan art

A fan art of She Hulk! Do you think a Tv Show or a movie of her will ever be made?

The hentai follow up is an exclusive of hentai united!


May 21, 2017

Arcade Riven commission

Did you think i forget League of Legends girl? From LP4ever, the one who commissioned the long reworked League of Legends series and some other stuff that will be published in the future.

Say hello to Arcade Riven Skin!