May 22, 2017

She-Hulk fan art

A fan art of She Hulk! Do you think a Tv Show or a movie of her will ever be made?

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May 21, 2017

Arcade Riven commission

Did you think i forget League of Legends girl? From LP4ever, the one who commissioned the long reworked League of Legends series and some other stuff that will be published in the future.

Say hello to Arcade Riven Skin!


May 15, 2017


A fan art of Supergirl, one of the many version of her!

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May 13, 2017

Overwatch Patreon wallpaper

Hi Everybody! 

Well, it's Saturday 13th May and as I promised here comes the little fun thing I've talked about!

This is an Overwatch Wallpaper that "mimics" game characters roster and will be updated progressively as I'll draw the other OW characters. As you can see the next in line is!

Hope you appreciate,

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May 11, 2017

Overwatch Mei - clean version - Patreon

Hi guys!

Here's the public post with a clear version of Mei's artwork, a special variation posted at high resolution for my 5$ Patrons on my Patreon page.

So see you on May 13th with something cool!


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May 9, 2017

Overwatch Mei - Patreon

Hi buddies,  It's time!

One week ago, I've posted my first artwork on my Patreon page, after the first goal was reached and in the Patron-only section.

Now, as promised, here comes a lower resolution version of that artwork!
Mei-Ling Zhou from Overwatch has some fun here : )

If you're interested in day 1 full resolution uploads, just join 5$ Patrons!

Stay tuned for an alternative version of this picture on 11th May and enjoy!

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May 7, 2017


Here comes Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

Did you liked the new movie?
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May 5, 2017

Dia Ruby The Ninja Thief commission

Commissioned by Antcow, the same guy behind Nukem Girls commission series, here come Dia Ruby from the videogame Brave Soul. Now some words to the commissioner!

For those who played Brave soul (Including me, a total of three players. XD) Dia (Or Ruby) is the hot thief ninja, a top heavy seductress who insists you follow her on her missions to help her steal things. (Like gold, and she likes it when you sell dragon eggs.)
Here I wanted her to have a significant departure in appearance like Princess Caren before her.
A form fitting midnight blue outfit, better for movement and actual concealment. (Pink wont work outside of a day care.) And no shiny bling. (Unless she's infiltrating a ball to lift a key card while wearing a gown.)
Overall i wanted her to be more ninja-like, and thats what I got.


Dia Ruby
Age: 30
Height: 5'10"
weight: Lady
Measurements: 45H-24-38
Eye color: Jade
Hair: Red and long
Weapon: Stealing the edge, dual daggers

Likes: Treasure. (Gold, jewels, relics. Anything that will get me money! (I give some to orphanages.)), Sex (Especially after a good heist!), Elegant dresses (I like a good dance too.), Torn clothes (On sexy occasions.), The orphanage (I was raised in one.),

Dislikes: Getting caught. (I shouldn't be spotted.), Being ambushed (Especially from tentacle monsters.), Torn clothes (On non-sexy occasions.), Missing parents (Why did they leave me there?)

May 2, 2017

Rose's tarot divination

So, here comes a new commission "Rose's tarot divination".

What is Rose foresee in Guy's future?

You will see... so stay tuned!


April 30, 2017

Skylar Saint Claire - The Saboteur fan art

The Saboteur was an underrated games with nice characters and someone on Hentai United propose the idea of having Skylar Saint Claire, so... Well, it was a nice idea!


April 27, 2017

Tracer - Overwatch Summer Edition!

So, here have a fan art of Tracer (aka Lena Oxton), Overwatch Summer Edition!

This fan art is also available as print on INPRNT, so if you are interested go to my official store!

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April 26, 2017

A-MEI-Zing! - Patreon

This is a little Super-deformed Mei-Ling Zhou i made for my Patreon page, to commemorate the first Goal!

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April 25, 2017

100th Patrons! - Update

Wow guys, i'm speechless, we are reached the 100th Patrons and we are closer and closer to the first goal of the Patreon! And thanks for the enormous support!

Let's keep up guys! We are so close!

Edit: currently we are at 102 Patrons and 299 $!


April 24, 2017

Haunting Ground - Fiona Belli fanart

Have some Haunting Ground Fiona Belli fanart!

Just two words on my Patreon page, we are two Patrons away to the 100th supporter Goals and just 16 $ away from reaching the first Goal (the first goal with be a very NSFW artwork of Mei-Ling Zhou from Overwatch)! Just keep it up and thanks for your amazing support!

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April 20, 2017

WIP test

Just a quick test done with Photoshop, suggestions are welcome!

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